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God is moving, can you see it?
October 14, 2013 12:17 pm
Published in: On the Field Tags: , ,

Two whole years.

What?!  I’m sitting here at my house in Nairobi trying to wrap my mind around leaving.  It’s been an amazing ride, full of more discovery, worship, and growth than I ever imagined.  It would be foolish to try to sum it all up in a single little blog post, so I’m defaulting to my normal medium, photos.   Let me show you some of the things I’ve learned…

I’ve learned that this world is vast, multi-faceted, beautiful, and diverse… just like it’s occupants, and just like the body of Christ.

twoyears (20)

twoyears (26)


twoyears (19)


twoyears (8)

twoyears (25)

twoyears (7)

twoyears (22)

I’ve learned that experiences are better when shared with those you love.

visitor (3)

teamretreat 5

teamretreat 2

M&D 64




twoyears (21)

twoyears (4)

bees 1


I’ve learned that God is at work EVERYWHERE, we just need to pray for the eyes to see.

 twoyears (17)

twoyears (10)

twoyears (14)

twoyears (9)

twoyears (18)

twoyears (13)

twoyears (24)

I’ve learned that it is possible to have a home in two places, and it’s ok to long for both.

 twoyears (3)

searching for filming locations in downtown Nairobi




These trouble makers made sure I got soaked!  My Kenyan brothers: Phil, Ezekiel, and Jacktone

Chai tea and hospitality at Pastor Peter's house


I’ve learned above all, that He is good, that He is love, and that He is faithful to fulfill His promises.

twoyears (11)

Thank you for taking this journey with me.  For praying tirelessly.  For taking time out of your day to send me love and encouraging words.  But thank you most of all for joining God in what He is doing on the continent of Africa.  His Spirit is moving here… it always has been.

twoyears (1)

“After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count,

from every nation, tribe, people and language,

standing before the throne and before the Lamb.”

-Revelation 7:9


October 2, 2012 3:12 am
Published in: On the Field Tags: , ,
I can’t believe it, I just can’t believe it!
I have been living in Africa for ONE WHOLE YEAR!  How did that happen?!  Seems like I was just hugging all of you, cramming my stuff into 4 bags, and hopping on a plane.  365 days later I’m still here!

I wanted to start off by thanking all of you.  YOU are the reason I’m able to be here, having this incredible experience.  ASANTE SANA (thank you very much!)

How do I describe what this year has been like?  How can I bring you all into the wild ride it has been?  How about we try some TOP 10’s….

Top 10 favorite discoveries…

1.  North Africa, an entirely different world.  Beautiful, dark, vibrant, captivating.

2.  Learning how to do battle with slugs, ants, flying termites, and mosquitos… and realizing that I’m less scared of bugs!

3.  New City Fellowship, the church I call home here in Nairobi.  Their vision is racial reconciliation; so suffice it to say we have a super diverse congregation.  I absolutely love it.  Communion is my favorite, we all stand in a circle around the room and I just look about and think “this is what Heaven will be like, people of every nation and tongue…”

4.  Jaffry’s outdoor public track, the Muslim compound where I run.  It is free for the public, so tons of people from the city go there.  EXCELLENT people watching, AND real cricket games on Sundays!

5.  Cooking!  It isn’t so scary and I can do it!  I’m getting pretty good at scones, tagines, tortillas, soup.  Newest experiment: Yakiniku!

6.  Watamu, Northern coast of Kenya, a beautiful stretch of Kenyan coastline, a wonderful get-away.  We stayed in a glass tower of art and ate fresh crab!

7.  Kitengela Glass Studios, a weird yet wonderful art haven that specializes in creating beauty out of recycled glass

8.  Driving.  It was scary at first, but now I don’t think any city in the US will ever intimidate me while I’m behind the wheel.  I am also a voracious honker now.

9.  Diamond Plaza, and Indian shopping square full of flashing lights, crazy food, awesome deals, and the best tangerine juice I’ve ever had.  Below my friend John is trying out an Indian “milk shake” that has spaghetti noodles and tapioca balls in it!

10. Downton Abbey, my British-fix.  Love that show so much!

Top 10 favorite experiences…

1.     Attending a worship service in North Africa, the earnestness and passion of the people that have devoted their lives to that place was nothing short of inspiring

2.     Welcoming some of my dearest friends to Africa, having them stay and adventure all over the country with me

3.     Hearing “ACTION” called for the first time on the movie set

4.     Road tripping, riding camels, and drinking tea in North Africa with dear friends

5.     Rafting the Nile with some great friends

6.     Being a bridesmaid/emergency dress-sower for a friend tying the knot here in Nairobi

7.     Hiking a dormant volcano with two wonderful gal pals on Good Friday

8.     Spending Christmas with my dear friends, the Levanders

9.     Planting trees with my friend Tana in rural Kenya

10.  Driving to the lake and looking out the window only to see giraffes, zebra, gazelles, and warthogs runs through the woods.  Also, being able to drive only a few hours and be within a stones throw of amazing wildlife and beautiful national parks.

So there are some snippets into my year, I hope you enjoyed it! I have a feeling the following year will fly by even faster than this one.  We are in the thick of filming the MOVIE, and it is making time shift into hyper speed.  We are hoping to wrap filming by December, after which I will fly home for Christmas!!  I can’t wait to have time with my family, and to see some of you!!

Thank you for walking with me this far.  Here’s to the next 365 days!  Your prayers carry me through, trust me, so keep em’ coming.

Lots of love,