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God is moving, can you see it?
July 29, 2013 1:57 pm

I guess it is technically winter here in Kenya, but only just.  While 60 degrees is on the chilly side for us here at the equator, it’s nothing to those Montana winters!

So much has been going on (uh, and I haven’t posted in almost three months!  Tut tut!), and it would take an age to write it all down, let alone for you to read it.  So let’s do a photo recap, shall we?  Righteo!

June was dominated by my trip to Rwanda to photograph for an NGO.  It was challenging, full of lessons, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be in such an interesting country and further push my photographic skills.

Rwanda 1

Rwanda 2


Rwanda 3

Rwanda 5

Check out those giant arrow-roots!

Rwanda 8

Rwanda 6

Rwanda 7

Rwanda 4

July brought departures.  My dear friends Ethan and David winged their way back to the states.  They always had me laughing, and I miss them hugely.  Below they are putting on brave faces before running a marathon!


Ted, our fearless team leader, also made his way to the USA with his family to take care of their stateside relatives.  Before they left, we had a wonderful team retreat out in the countryside and a 4th of July bbq.


teamretreat 2

Teammates relaxing.

teamretreat 1

teamretreat 12

Chasing flamingos on Lake Bogoria

teamretreat 14

Best seats in the house for a safari.

teamretreat 13

We even had the privilege of witnessing Ted’s youngest son’s baptism.  What a special day!

teamretreat 5

timmy 3

I’ve been keeping busy with a few personal photo projects.  From bees to awesome lady missionaries, I just can’t seem to stop clicking.  And that’s just how I like it!  (To keep up with my photo work, head to bessbrownleephoto.tumblr.com)

bees 1

Me and two Maasai mamas with our bee suits on!

bees 2

The golden magic of a honeycomb!  Learning the skills of beekeeping with new friends.


Hannah is a fashion designer AND a missionary living in Liberia.  Pretty awesome!

Hannah (1)

Virginia (1)

Virginia is a family practice doctor in a tough part of Nairobi.  She is also a missionary and a darn nice lady.

Virginia (2)


We round out the review with a little visit from a wonderfully familiar face.  My dear friend Lauren spent ten days with me after a mission trip and we had a bucket-load of fun!

cheese 1

We toured a cheese farm and did some tasting as well… YUM!!!

cheese 2

cheese 3


crescent 2

Apparently we were quite close to a python nest in this picture… yipes!  We didn’t find out this information until we were back at the car.  (Insert scream of horror here!!!) I have searched all my photos and haven’t found conclusive evidence of a giant snake, but the mere possibility is enough to keep me away from Crescent Island for a while!

crescent 1

Whew, I’m so glad we caught up.  Eat a ripe peach for me, and enjoy your summer wherever this post finds you!

2 Responses to “Summer Photo Review”

  1. karen hill Says:

    Dear Bess, I so enjoy these postings. The photos of the beautiful people, both local and from afar, and the loving humor seen in your photos bring me great joy. God bless your remaining time and whatever your next step will be.

    In Christ,

  2. dad Says:

    Stunning!! I’m so privileged to be related to this kind of talent, compassion and insight. I’m pretty sure it didn’t come from my contribution to your gene pool, but I’m claiming it without apology. Your are amazing my little Beaner.

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