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God is moving, can you see it?
September 17, 2012 11:18 pm
Published in: On the Field

Hey faithful blog readers, or new stumble-upon-ers!

It’s been a while since I offered up a new slice of the “this is my life in Africa” pie… so I hope you’re hungry, because this is a big piece!

August began with a departure.  My best friend Mo had been in Kenya with me for a month and a half and saaaaaaaadly she had to get back to her life in the States.  Boo.  But before she left we had a few fantastic adventures.


First, a roadtrip to UGANDA to raft the NILE.  Pretty flippin’ sweet (haha, pun intended).  We, and our Scottish buddy Calum piled into my car Geraldine and made the 12 hour trek to Jinja, the source of the Nile.

We only had a smidge of drama at the border, but my sweet-talkin’ skills had us out of the police office, and back on the road in no time!  Winning (Scottish Calum’s favorite phrase)!!

We linked up with some dear friends from Nairobi and paddled and screamed all the way down the river.  No crocs, no whirlpools… and I only lost part of a toenail.

We decided that a river just wouldn’t cut it, and we needed to see more water!  The beach!  It was a much needed get away for me, and an extra special time with my Mo.

You see, Kenya has some fabulous beaches, and after being here for 10 months and not seeing them, it felt like high time.  I know what you might be thinking… “WHAT?!  Missionaries take vacations?!?!  Preposterous!!  Aren’t they supposed to be savin’ some souls instead of frolicking on the beach?!”  But I’m here to tell you that missionaries are indeed real people, and actually need breaks too!

Behold, Watamu!  A wonderful spot on the northern-ish coast.


We stayed in a CRAZY guesthouse that was actually a four-story tower of art!

We ate fresh seafood!

There were even baby ducks!


We even saw our fellow Montana friends there, small world!

They live in a remote place without Twix… so they were pumped to find some yummy chocolate at the beach!

After Mo left, I MOVED!  Into a new house!  It is blue and wonderful.  I’m house-sitting for some missionaries for a year, and get to take advantage of their sweet digs and standing mixer 🙂

I did a little photography for Kijabe Hospital, a missionary hospital located in the mountains of Kenya.  They are raising money to replace their water and septic systems and needed some visuals to help out.  It was awesome, I got to go everywhere from surgery to the preemie ward.  What a cool experience.

What’s the deal-e-o now?!  Well it’s MOVIE TIME!!  The On-Field Media team has taken on the task of helping produce a feature-length film that will stir the heart of the African church towards missions… aka Africans reaching Africans.  This is our first attempt to make a film aimed at an African audience, this is our first feature length, this firsts firsts firsts  for all of us.  It is called The Distant Boat and you can read more about it HERE.

 I’ve been put in charge of Art Direction (you guessed it, another first!), which means I’m knee-deep in wardrobe (would a 50 year old African woman wear a head-wrap?!), props (where do I find the perfect pair of granny-glasses for Sabine?!), sets (should those flowers go here or here?!), and visual continuity (which side of the plate did you have your chopsticks on during the last take?!).  I have three people answering to me, a make-up artist and two make up/hair assistants… and I’m trying really hard not to get whip lash from going in so many directions at once!  It is stressful but it is what I like to call FUN-stress!  I mean if I’m gonna go to bed frazzled at the end of the day I would rather have it be about wondering if we got over-charged for our Chinese food for the dinner scene than any other really serious kind of stress.

We are being stretched, we are growing, we are casting out into new waters… and it feels really good.  Pray for our sanity, pray for our team, pray for the whole production, pray that God would use this offering to stir so many hearts.

 May the God who gives endurance and encouragement

give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that Christ Jesus had, 

so that with one mind and one voice

you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Romans 15:5-6


3 Responses to “Catch Up, Cast Out”

  1. Mama Holly Says:

    Oh, so great, Bess! Keep stirring those hearts, and God will set them on fire. Can’t wait to see you in just a few months!!!!

  2. Mama Peg Says:

    Great update, honey!! We almost feel we are there with you. Thanks for keeping us informed. Praying for you always…….and for the movie……and we miss you lots!

  3. Karen Hill Says:

    Bess, you are such a wonderful communicator. I almost lived your adventure. God bless your continued work and you. Love you.

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