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God is moving, can you see it?
July 27, 2012 2:45 am
Published in: On the Field Tags: ,

Thankful.  That’s how I’m feeling.

Thankful that God knows what I need.  I’m talking beyond food, water, and shelter… He knows what my heart needs.  This month it was refreshment, and it came in the form of familiar and dear faces.

Mo, Dar, and Candice, wonderful friends reunited in Africa!

Not just one friend, not even simply two… but THREE of my beloved gal-pals made the trek to Kenya, and I was lucky enough to soak up some laugh-filled days with them.

Mo exploring Kitengela, Kenya

On the bridge to Kitengela Glass, don't look down!

Maureen is my oldest friend from home in Montana.  We first met eachother on the playground in 2nd grade.  She was part of the reason I came to Kenya in 2009.  She had gone to Africa the summer previously and told me I should really consider going.  I couldn’t be more grateful for her nudge out the door.

Dar & Mo, the brunettes!

Darnell and I had the priviledge of venturing around Kenya in 2009, and staying together in Korogocho slum with a wonderful Kenyan host family for three weeks.  There is something about killing cockroaches, learning how to make Kenyan food, sitting through 3 hour church services, and leaping over sewage rivers in the slums that turns new friends into sisters.  I can’t believe we got to revisit that place again 3 years later, thanks Dar!

Dar & I with our host parents in 2009

Darnell with the camels in Kitengela, Kenya

Currently, Darnell is living in Italy with her husband James.  She sent me a message a few weeks ago asking if she could come down and see me before she and James moved back to the states.  DUH.  We had a great time running around Kenya, laughing at old stories and seeing old friends.

Candice and Mo in Kitengela, Kenya


I met Candice on the 2009 Kenya trip as well.  I have never known somebody who emanates so much grace.  Candice is that rare person who makes you feel instantly calm, understood, and loved.  She is a treasure, and I’m so blessed to have had a few days with her.  She is off to Dallas Theological Seminary to study counseling this fall, I can’t think of a better career fit for this big-hearted gal.

Boat ride on Lake Naivasha

Brownies, games, and Jane Austen!


Sunrise on Lake Naivasha

We adventured all around Kenya, recounting old memories and make new ones along the way.  There is nothing like a taste of home.  There is nothing like friends that know you.  This month was balm to my soul and food for my heart, it was so, so, SO good.  Mo is here for a couple more weeks, and it feels like time is whipping by like the wind.  My prayer is to stay present and savor.


Your Father

knows what you need before

you ask him.

Matthew 6:8


2 Responses to “What You Need”

  1. Beth Morey Says:

    So beautiful, Bess. What a wonderful gift! And reading about it (and see your amazing photos) is balm to my soul, too. Miss you! Has it already been almost a year? Crazy!! 🙂

  2. Mama Holly Says:

    Oh Besslee! I always feel like I am there vicariously when I see your photos and read your words! Thanks for hosting MoMo 🙂 Keep carrying that candle, girl! See you at Christmas!

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