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God is moving, can you see it?
April 18, 2012 11:12 am
Published in: Uncategorized

I grew up in Montana. Beautiful, wild, wonderful Montana.  Rivers, mountains, valleys, wide open spaces, and fresh clean air.

Thus moving to the busy, crowded, dirty, loud city of Nairobi, Kenya has proved to be quite the transition.  Enter the grace of God.  It is only through His goodness that I have been able to adapt to this place and enjoy it too.  Never the less, some city escapes are required for former country girls to stay sane.  Good thing Kenya boasts endless opportunities for recreation and exploration!

On Good Friday, some friends and I decided to take advantage a particularly close attraction, Mount Longonot.  The mountain is actually a dormant volcano in the floor of the Great Rift Valley.  The top blew off a long time ago, leaving a vast crater.  It’s a good hardy day hike, especially if you decided to go all the way around the crater after you summit the rim.  If you find yourself with the chance to hike Mt. L, do it, the whole thing, totally worth it!


My "partners in climb" haha... Naomi and Jenny


We kept a keen eye out for wildlife and were rewarded with sightings of giraffe, zebra and lizards! No cape buffalo, thank goodness!


Our TINY chameleon friend, found on the trail.


Allllllmost to the top!


The crater! A huge forest is at the bottom, and I'm almost certain that it is full of dinosaurs and strange beasts!


Making the loop around the rim of the crater with Lake Naivasha in the distance.


Feelin' strong at the top of the peak on the far side of the rim! Whew!


Thorns everywhere! What a reminder of Christ and His suffering on Good Friday.


A great day with great ladies!